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Makeup Masterclass Curated For Teens 


Learn how to slay high school appropriate makeup-while protecting your skin, without spending a ton of money on products, borrowing your besties mascara or watching a ton of Tik Tok tutorials 

The Syllabus

What we will cover during our class session

  • The Skin: learn how to determine skin type, prep, and prime your skin for makeup

  • My Bougie Brow technique: if I can't do nothing else, honey I can snatch a brow, and I'll teach you how to

  • The Base: learn proper techniques to blend your foundation and highlight flawlessly

  • Lash: learn my easy set and drop technique for lashes

  • The dangers of sharing makeup

  • Post Makeup: learn how to cleanse your skin after your makeup wear

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Extra Credit

YES! You get these bonuses for FREE


Supply List

Full list of products with links, you'll need to complete your makeup. These are also items you will want to bring to class.


Facial Cleansing Products

Good Molecules was gracious enough to provide some cleansing goodies to help keep your young skin in perfect health!


Hands On Training

Not only will I be demonstrating proper makeup application techniques, but I will also be walking around the room giving hands on attention to ensure you get it right!

Alexeia P.

"The best makeup class i've attended. I learned so much. Suzie Bougie is the best at explaining how to slay your makeup"

Tiersa W.

"The class was soooo fun!!! I leaned how to fill in my brows and other helpful tips, It also helped to have someone watch me apply my makeup. I now feel confident when trying to beat my own face!"

Brittany S.

"Brushwork by Suzie Bougie makeup 101 class was sooo much fun and of course educational. I loved how she took her time with each one of us if we had questions and made sure we all understood how to apply each type pf product! My confidence level is on a level 10 after taking her class!!!!"


Bring The Squad Slay To Your School or Home

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This class is for you if...

  • You're a teenager who is curious about makeup but have no idea where to start

  • You are overwhelmed by all the different Tik Tok tutorials and just need hands on instructions on makeup application

  • You don't want to spend a ton of money on makeup

  • You're a cheerleader or dancer, and you're required to wear makeup for game/show days and you don't want to look like a clown

MOMS if you're worried about your teen...

  • Damaging their ever changing skin

  •  Experiencing side effects of sharing makeup

  • Spending all your hard earned coins on products they don't know how to use

  • Or just walking out of your house looking like a clown...SECURE THEIR SEAT NOW!

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